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Performance Critical Wireless Network Design, Testing and Optimization


PCTEL RF Solutions develops and provides performance critical test equipment, software, and engineering services for wireless networks. Engineers rely upon PCTEL scanning receivers, drive test software, and interference management solutions to optimize, visualize, and benchmark wireless networks. Our highly-trained engineering services team uses state-of-the-art test, measurement, and design tools to provide engineering services for in-building and outdoor networks. Our commitment to quality, value, and customer service has made PCTEL RF Solutions a trusted vendor for operators worldwide.

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SeeGull® IBflex Scanning Receiver

The SeeGull IBflex scanning receiver is designed for in-building and small cell testing. Quickly identify and solve problems that hinder network performance using IBflex’s comprehensive testing capability. Conduct walk tests more efficiently with its array of features tailored for indoor use. Its enhanced measurements, including WiFi readings, can be used to improve coverage and capacity, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase the long-term revenue potential of in-building wireless networks. While the design and features set of the IBflex are geared towards indoor walk tests, the scanner is fully functional for outdoor or drive test needs without compromising performance and accuracy.


  • Improve in-building testing productivity
    • Test multi-operator networks across all major wireless technologies, plus WiFi
    • Low power consumption and hot swap battery system
  • Reduce user fatigue during walk testing for DAS and small cell deployment with lightweight scanning receiver in a small form factor
  • Maximize LTE throughput with Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) LTE scanner measurements
  • OS support for Windows® laptop and AndroidTM tablet or UE to collect RF data based on specific needs
  • Control and manage the scanner with flexible connectivity using Bluetooth® or USB
  • Store data easily across multiple devices
  • Accurate CDMA/EV-DO measurements with GPS holdover

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SeeWave™ | Interference Locating System

PCTEL’s SeeWave is the comprehensive tool for a single user to accurately detect the interfering frequency and locate its exact source. SeeWave utilizes PCTEL's leading edge SeeGull® scanning receiver. A host platform links the scanner to both a direction-finding antenna and a touchscreen tablet. The platform can be held comfortably in one hand while the user operates SeeWave’s intuitive software application. Scanning receiver, host platform, antenna, and tablet combine to create an economical, easy-to-use, and highly effective interference hunting system. It uses advanced spectrum analysis and proprietary algorithms to both identify harmful interference and locate its source. This saves effort, time, and cost for mobile operators working to eliminate interference and maximize network Quality of Service.


  • Enhance network performance by identifying numerous types of interfering signals with advanced spectrum analysis measurements
  • Locate the exact position of interference through triangulation algorithms
  • Identify problems efficiently and quickly by collecting and analyzing results in a variety of playback options
  • Clear uplink and downlink channels on select bands and spectrum ranges for spectrum re-farming using customizable view settings
  • Reduce user fatigue with ergonomic design, using one hand to hold the unit and the other to operate the tablet
  • Increase return on investment of existing PCTEL scanners, adding interference finding to a range of network testing applications


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Scanning Receivers for RF Measurement

The SeeGull® line of high performance digital scanning receivers provides the RF measurements critical to RF network testing, tuning, and optimization. SeeGull MX, IBflex, EXflex, and EX Family scanning receivers are available in a variety of configurations for all commercial bands used by wide area wireless technologies, including LTE FDD, TD-LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA/HSPA(+), GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, and WiFi.

SeeGull Features and Benefits include:
  • Support for major wide-area wireless technologies
  • Advanced digital receiver technology
  • Multi-band receivers simultaneously measure today's complex multi-technology networks
  • High sensitivity, speed, and accuracy for better network characterization
  • Faster diagnosis of network problems for greater customer satisfaction
  • Multi-path measurements for MIMO optimization
  • Indoor and outdoor measurements
  • Combines with SeeHawk® software to form PCTEL's complete RAN Mobile Test Suite
SeeHawk In-Building Map
SeeHawk In-Building Test Suite (IBTS)

The SeeHawk IBTS is a complete solution for in-building baseline and optimization testing for planning, building, and maintaining in-building wireless systems. At its core is a PCTEL SeeGull MX or EX scanning receiver (new or previously purchased) configured to customer requirements. The SeeHawk software with Indoor Mode Option makes it easy to collect and visualize data on a tablet or laptop. Finally, PCTEL's In-Building Walk Test Kit includes a backpack, battery and accessories designed to enable engineers to easily walk test in-building venues.


  • Scanning Power and Flexibility to Test Multi-Carrier DAS in a Single Site Survey
  • GPS Holdover for Accurate CDMA/EV-DO Measurements
  • LTE MIMO Measurements Help Engineers Maximize Data Rates
  • Four or More Hours of Battery Life
  • Easy-to-Use Point-and-Click In-Building Navigation System
  • Displays Multiple Measurements in Real Time and Playback Modes
  • Events and Alarms Quickly Notify Users of Coverage Holes
  • Data Compatibility with Leading Post-Processing Systems, Including iBWave


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Network Engineering Services

PCTEL's engineering services team provides wireless network testing, optimization, design, integration, and consulting services, with an emphasis on in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS).

We have tested venues serving a variety of markets, including commercial office buildings, convention centers, education facilities, healthcare facilities, sports venues, and transportation centers. The RF Solutions services team combines this experience with PCTEL's advanced knowledge of commercial wireless protocols, including LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, EV-DO, CDMA, GSM, and iDEN.

PCTEL's network engineering services offerings include:
  • Network benchmarking
  • Baseline testing
  • CW testing / site validation
  • Acceptance testing
  • Network optimization
  • Interference mitigation
  • Network design (iBwave certified)
  • Consulting
CW Transmitter
SeeGull® CW Transmitter

The SeeGull CW Transmitter supports the design, verification, and optimization of in-building networks. It emits up to four simultaneous continuous wave signals, with a frequency range of 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz. This replicates a live network environment for RF propagation testing. The data can be collected through a PCTEL scanning receiver and processed using SeeHawk® or third party post processing tools. Results are used to validate or modify design with optimal antenna locations and coverage capability for each segment of an in-building cellular network. Efficient and portable test tools help mobile operators reduce deployment costs and new services time to market. This maximizes customer satisfaction and long-term network revenue potential.


  • Reduce testing time and the amount of equipment needed with four-port transmitting
  • Adapt to any in-building network scenario, with a frequency range from 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Customize transmission parameters quickly and save configurations for future sessions with an intuitive menu interface
  • Set up transmissions for in-building venues quickly and easily with a portable, light weight unit
  • Achieve precise results with realistic and accurate network replication
  • Integrate into PCTEL's In-Building Testing Suite (IBTS™), which includes a SeeGull IBflex™ or EXflex™ scanning receiver, SeeWave™ interference locating system, and SeeHawk data analysis software

View the SeeGull CW Transmitter Datasheet

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