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Performance Critical Wireless Network Design, Testing, and Optimization


Nov. 11: In-Building Project Lifecycle Webinar, Session 2

PCTEL RF Solutions develops and provides performance critical test equipment, software, and engineering services for wireless networks. The industry relies upon PCTEL to benchmark network performance, analyze trends, and optimize wireless networks. Our highly-trained engineering services team uses state-of-the-art test, measurement, and design tools to provide engineering services for in-building and outdoor networks. Our commitment to quality, value, and customer service has made PCTEL RF Solutions a trusted vendor for operators worldwide.

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SeeWave™ | Interference Locating System

PCTEL’s SeeWave is the comprehensive tool for a single user to accurately detect the interfering frequency and locate its exact source. SeeWave utilizes PCTEL's leading edge SeeGull® scanning receiver. A host platform links the scanner to both a direction-finding antenna and a touchscreen tablet. The platform can be held comfortably in one hand while the user operates SeeWave’s intuitive software application. Scanning receiver, host platform, antenna, and tablet combine to create an economical, easy-to-use, and highly effective interference hunting system. It uses advanced spectrum analysis and proprietary algorithms to both identify harmful interference and locate its source. This saves effort, time, and cost for mobile operators working to eliminate interference and maximize network Quality of Service.


  • Enhance network performance by identifying numerous types of interfering signals with advanced spectrum analysis measurements
  • Locate the exact position of interference through triangulation algorithms
  • Identify problems efficiently and quickly by collecting and analyzing results in a variety of playback options
  • Clear uplink and downlink channels on select bands and spectrum ranges for spectrum re-farming using customizable view settings
  • Reduce user fatigue with ergonomic design, using one hand to hold the unit and the other to operate the tablet
  • Increase return on investment of existing PCTEL scanners, adding interference finding to a range of network testing applications


Registered to ISO 9001

PCTEL RF Solutions’ Quality Management System has been CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008

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