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SeeHawk® Wireless Drive and Walk Test Suite


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SeeHawk is PCTEL’s state-of-the-art drive test and walk test system for use with PCTEL's SeeGull® scanning receivers. SeeHawk gives our users access to the complete range of data available on our scanning receivers, including features such as LTE Power Analysis and LTE MIMO parameters. SeeHawk also includes easy-to-use tools for data visualization, automated reports, in-building navigation, and export to post-processing software. SeeHawk can be used in conjunction with traditional drive test tools, or combined with SeeGull scanning receivers to form PCTEL's complete RAN Mobile Test Suite for applications such as benchmarking, network optimization, and interference detection.


SeeHawk | Seeking Network Excellence

  • Supports All Features for All PCTEL SeeGull Scanning Receivers
  • Concurrent Data Collection Across Multiple Technologies and Bands
  • Automatic Channel Detection and Setup with Blind Scan
  • Highly Customizable and Intuitive User Interface
  • In-Building Measurements
  • Simple File-Based Data Logging and Export
  • Automatically-Generated ReportsSeeHawk Logo 300px
  • Pooled Licensing Option




  • Benchmarking
  • Baseline Testing
  • Network Optimization Testing
  • Interference Detection
  • Propagation Model Optimization
  • Spectrum Clearing

SeeHawk | Data Viewing Capabilities
  • Bar Charts | Simple view for data representation with capability to include single or multiple measurements in a single chart control
  • Time Charts | The most granular data view, with the ability to include multiple measurements in single control and to synchronize data screening
  • Maps | GPS-coordinated measurements and points of interest displayed along a drive route
  • 3D Charts | For visualizing groups of time-synchronized and co-related measurements
  • History Charts (Surface and Contour) | Easy view of multi-variable data across various scans
  • Table View | Easy-to-read raw data in tabular format

SeeHawk Charts


SeeHawk In-Building Map
SeeHawk In-Building Test Suite (IBTS)

The SeeHawk IBTS is a complete solution for in-building baseline and optimization testing for planning, building, and maintaining in-building wireless systems. At its core is a PCTEL SeeGull MX or EX scanning receiver (new or previously purchased) configured to customer requirements. The SeeHawk software with Indoor Mode Option makes it easy to collect and visualize data on a tablet or laptop. Finally, PCTEL's In-Building Walk Test Kit includes a backpack, battery and accessories designed to enable engineers to easily walk test in-building venues.


  • Scanning Power and Flexibility to Test Multi-Carrier DAS in a Single Site Survey
  • GPS Holdover for Accurate CDMA/EV-DO Measurements
  • LTE MIMO Measurements Help Engineers Maximize Data Rates
  • Four or More Hours of Battery Life
  • Easy-to-Use Point-and-Click In-Building Navigation System
  • Displays Multiple Measurements in Real Time and Playback Modes
  • Events and Alarms Quickly Notify Users of Coverage Holes
  • Data Compatibility with Leading Post-Processing Systems, Including iBWave


Get Started with SeeHawk and PCTEL's RAN Mobile Test Suite
PCTEL RAN Mobile Test Suite
  1. Click here to download.
  2. Test it out in Playback Mode using the included sample Drives.
  3. Use it to view or export data others have collected.
  4. Contact us to purchase a license for the latest version of SeeHawk.
    • Pooled licenses are available.
  5. Use PCTEL's RAN Mobile Test Suite to collect data.
    • SeeHawk and SeeGull form PCTEL's complete RAN Mobile Test Suite.
  6. View data and reports in SeeHawk, or export to your favorite post-processing tool.

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