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Signal Analyzer | IBflex«-Based Spectrum Analysis


Signal Analyzer
Signal Analyzer

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Signal Analyzer

SeeHawk® Touch software with Signal Analyzer

PCTEL's Signal Analyzer provides a new approach to the traditional spectrum analyzer. It harnesses the processing power of a SeeGull® IBflex® scanning receiver and the intuitive control of SeeHawk® Touch software. It also enables Distributed Antenna System (DAS) verification and commissioning with a specialized adapter option.


  • Repurpose IBflex units to increase value beyond walk and drive tests
  • Leave that old, heavy spectrum analyzer behind


  • DAS system verification, including downlink, uplink, and additive noise testing
  • DAS commissioning
  • Modulation and distortion measurements
  • Spectrum clearing
  • Public safety testing
  • Interference identification

SeeGull® IBflex® Scanning Receiver

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