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All PCTEL scanning receivers are factory calibrated and all calibration data is stored within the unit's non-volatile memory. 

During the calibration service, SeeGull® scanning receivers are checked to identify any factors that may be sources of accuracy degradation.  Every unit that passes the rigorous calibration test receives a Certificate of Calibration.

The complexity of the calibration process requires units to be sent to PCTEL for calibration. Regular factory calibration is highly recommended to maintain exceptional measurement capability. SeeGull MXflex® and IBflex® scanning receivers should be calibrated every two (2) years. Other SeeGull® scanning receivers should be recalibrated annually. 

Please check the calibration sticker on your scanning receiver for the recommended re-calibration date.

Services Offered

  • Calibration Check - A pass/fail performance check of the scanning receiver against its key specifications. Actual calibration is not performed and if the unit fails, customer can elect to perform "Follow-On Calibration."
  • Full Calibration / Follow-On Calibration after Calibration Check - Compares the performance of the scanning receiver against its key performance parameters. The unit is restored to original equipment specifications.
  • Extended Calibration Report - Provides detailed performance data generated during the calibration process that is not included in the standard Certificate of Calibration. Extended Calibration Reports can be ordered at the time the unit is being calibrated.

Although "Calibration Checks" do not include a warranty, "Full" & "Follow On" Calibrations are warranted for the scanner's normal calibration cycle. Calibration service does not extend the scanning receiver's Factory Warranty.

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